Does MiiDuu organize my customer list for me?

Yes! MiiDuu maintains a database of all of your customers for you and allows you to modify it as needed. When a customer creates an account with your store for checkout, he or she will automatically be added to your list of customers. You can access this list by selecting the "Sales" tab and clicking on "Customers". From there you can search/sort your customer database and view contact details for each of your customers. To use the search or sort functions, simply fill in one or more of the boxes at the top of the table and click "Filter".

how search or sort customers

How do I change the currency for my store?

Changing the currency of your store is simple. Just go to "System" and click on "Localization". Then click "Currencies". You will see a list of our default currencies. Check the one you would like to use as your default currency, and then click "Set as Default". Note that when you do this that currency will automatically be set as "1.0" and you will need to update the exchange rates. You can do this by editing each of the currencies. This will be important for international customers who choose to view your site in a different currency. If you do not see the currency you would like to use listed, click "Add" and then fill out the form. Set this currency as your default and update the exchange rates. Our system allows you to add as many currencies as you would like, and use and currency as your default currency. Once you have updated your default currency, make sure to adjust any prices for your products. When pricing a product you will enter the price in the default currency, so any changes to your default currency will affect the pricing of your products.

how to change currencies

how to change currencies


How to set own domain for my Miiduu store?

There are 2 steps to set your own domain for your MiiDuu store:

Step 1: Set the DNS record to map your domain to your MiiDuu site.

Step 2: Change your MiiDuu store settings to reflect your own domain.

For more detailed directions, read the following :

Step 1: Set the DNS record to map your domain to your MiiDuu site.

There are 2 ways to set the DNS record to point to your MiiDuu store:

a) First, set the CNAME record to map to your MiiDuu store URL at . If the store is just a part of your website or if your domain registrar already provides you email services etc, this is the recomended method.

A CNAME DNS record will looks like:


For example, if you register your domain with, you can go to Login to your GoDaddy account and click “Domains” to show all of your domains. Then click the domain name that you want to assign to your store.

1) At this point you will see a “Domain Details” page. Click the "Launch" link in DNS Manager section.


2) In Zone File Editor, you will click on the "Edit" button in the far right column of the "www" record line.


3) Edit the “CNAME” record to map “www” to your MiiDuu site, e.g. Set the “alias name” to “www”, and the host name to “


Step 2: Change your MiiDuu store settings to reflect your own domain.

1) Log into to your Miiduu account, you’ll want to go to the "System" tab and click on “Own Domain” in the dropdown menu.

2) From there you will decide if you would like to purchase an SSL certificate for your own domain. We strongly recommend this feature as it makes sure the check out process and your customer account pages are in secure https mode. However, it is entirely up to you.

SSL Certificate Option Screen

3a) If you choose not to purchase it, just enter in your domain name and click "save" . You are all set.

3b) If you choose to purchase the SSL certificate and click "save", you will be shown the SSL plan and then you can click "Sign up now" and you will be taken to a PayPal page. We will set up the SSL certification for your domain and notify you when your certificate is working. Please notice the certification ONLY works for the specific domain URL that you set, such as, if you set your own domain to be "", the SSL certification will only work for It won't work in any other subdomain, such as, .

Please click here to know more about SSL certificate.

How do I map my MiiDuu store to both and

If you want to map your own domain site to your MiiDuu store with both and , you can set up the DNS in GoDaddy to do so. First you'll want to ping your store ( and figure out your IP address. To do this, click on "Run" from your Start menu in Windows. Enter "CMD" into the text box and click "run". A black window with white text will pop up. Simply enter "ping" and the IP address for your site will be displayed in brackets [ ]. Then in your GoDaddy DNS page, where it says "Host name" it should be filled in "@" and where it says "Points to the IP Address" you'll simply copy in the IP address to your site. 

How to Configure Your GoDaddy Settings 2

How do I map my MiiDuu store to a subdomain, such as

If the store is just a part of your website and you do not want your domain name to go directly to your store, you can create a address as well. To do this, you will need to add a CNAME record by clicking “Add new CNAME record” button. In the “create new CNAME” page, enter the subdomain that you want to use. For example, if you want to use to map to your MiiDuu store site, you will set “alias name” as “store”, host name as “

How to Configure a Subdomain in GoDaddy

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How Do I Set Up Wholesale Discounts in My MiiDuu Store?

Setting up wholesale discounts is easy with any paid MiiDuu account! All you have to do is click on the blue Wholesale tab when adding or editing a product. Then just fill out the minimum quantity per order and the percentage of the price to be paid. If you give greater discounts for greater quantities, just click the "Add Wholesale Discount" and fill out the form again. For example, if you give a 5% discount on orders of 20 or more and 10% on orders of 50 or more, you would put 20 in the "Min Quantity" box and 95 in the percentage box. Then you would click "Add Wholesale Discount" and enter 50 in the new "Min Quantity" box and 90 in the percentage box. You can add as many wholesale discounts as you would like for each product, and the price is automatically adjusted when a customer adds the minimum quantity for a price point to their cart. If you are only offering specific wholesale discounts for a limited time, you can also select a date range for each discount.

wholesale form

How Do I Send Out a Newsletter?

Creating a newsletter is a great way to connect with your customers and remind them about your store so that they keep coming back. It's also a great way to let people know about any promotions you might have going on. MiiDuu paid accounts make sending newsletters easy! When your customers register an account with your store, MiiDuu automatically saves their e-mail address. When you select the "Marketing" tab and click on "Newsletter" you will first be asked who you would like to send the newletter to. You can select "All Customers", "All Newsletter Subscribers" or leave it blank. If you leave it blank, you can then create your own list by either searching for customers and adding them individually, or sending the newsletter only to customers who have purchased certain products in the past. If you would like to select your own customers, just search for their names and then select the ones you would like to add to the list and click the arrow to move them into the right hand box. If sending to customers who have purchased a certain product, select the category the product is in and then move the product into the right box.

Once you've created your customer list, all you have to do is think of a subject like for your newsletter (for example: Weekly Newsletter October 3rd-9th or All T-Shirts on Sale Now at T-Shirts and More!) and then write your message. You can style the message however you want using the tools provided above the text box, or you can click on "Source" and insert an HTML document to send out. Then just scroll back to the top of the page and click send! Your e-mail is automatically sent out to your previously e-mail list!

newsletter screenshot

How Do I Set Up My Store in Facebook?

Once you login to your MiiDuu store administration, you're only 5 clicks away from allowing your customers to shop your store directly from Facebook! Get started now and have your store in your Facebook page in just a minute or two!

Click 1: Under the Facebook Shop tab, click "Install"


Click 2: Click on "Connect with Facebook" (if you are not currently logged into Facebook, it will ask you to do so at this point)


Click 3: Click on the Facebook Page you would like to link your store to


Click 4:Click on the "Add Tab Now" button


Click 5: Click "Add Shop Builder"


That's it! Your Facebook shop is now open for business! You can find it by clicking on the double arrows after your tabs labled as "Shop".


Once you're all done, your Facebook shop will look something like this:



Some Facebook Shop Tips and Reminders:

* Facebook does not allow us to insert your shop into your personal profile, so you'll need a Facebook Business (or Community) page. If you do not have one yet, just sign up for one here:!/pages/create.php

*We suggest you place your Shop tab within the first three positions so that it's easier for your customers to find. To do this, just click and drag it to where you want it.

*Once you have inserted your shop into your Facebook page, you can set it up so that users are automatically directed to your Shop tab. Click "Edit Page" under your profile picture and then click Edit for you Wall Settings. Where it says "Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else" select "Shop".

Now that your Facebook store is all set up, don't forget to check out our other post on how to promote your Facebook store!