How Do I Use Google Checkout?

One of the great features of your MiiDuu store is the ability to allow customers checkout through Google Checkout. This is a popular shopping cart system, so it will be very easy and convenient for your customers to use.

If you do not already have a Google Checkout account, you will first want to set one of those up. You can do so by going to and clicking on the blue Sign Up button in the lower right corner. You will be asked to fill out some information about your company, and once you complete the checkout processes, you will be given a Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Once you have this information, go into your MiiDuu account and select Payments under the System tab. Then click on Edit in the Google Checkout column and enter your Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Make sure to select Enabled from the Status drop down box.

Once this is set up, you will be able to start selling in Google! Some important things to remember about Google Checkout: 1) Your customers will not be required to login to your site, and the Google Checkout option will only show up in the shopping cart. 2) The entire checkout process takes place within Google, not your MiiDuu store. 3) Your payment and shipping methods are NOT linked to your Google Checkout account, so you will need to set up your Google Account separately.

How Do I Set Up Shipping with USPS?

1) To set up shipping with USPS, you will first need to register an account with the U. S. Postal Service's Web Tools Application Program Interfaces (APIs). You can do that here: You will be sent a username and password that are each 12 characters long.

2) You will then need to send USPS an e-mail at or call 1-800-344-7779 and ask them to switch your account from testing mode to the production server. In this e-mail you need to indicate that you are using as your third party software. If you forget to mention this, they will e-mail you again asking you to run tests or provide this information, and it will cost you more time.

3) Once you have received a confirmation that you have been switched to the production mode, sign into your MiiDuu account and navigate to the Shipping page (under the System tab). Click "Edit" link in the "Action" column of the USPS row and enter the username and password you were given when you registered with Web Tools and configure the settings to your needs. Don't forget to save your changes!

4) Go to your storefront and conduct a mock purchase to make sure everything is in working order. If it is, it should look something like this:


How Do I Set Up Shipping with UPS?

To set up shipping through UPS you will need an access key, username and password. To do this you can follow these steps from UPS:

Please note: If you have already registered for My, go to step 5 after you have logged in with your user ID and password. However, for security, I recommend you create a new user ID and password for use with UPS Developer APIs.

1. Browse to
2. Click on the "Register" link inside the "How to Get Started" section.
3. In the "Submit Your UPS Registration Information" box, enter your name, e-mail address, User ID and password then click on the [Next] button.
4. Complete the "UPS Registration" window then click on the [Next] button.
5. On the "Thank You!" screen, click on the [Next] button.
6. Click on the "Request an access key" link in the "How to Get Started" section.
7. Complete the "Secondary Contact Information" and the click on [Request Access Key].
Please contact UPS if you need any additional assistance (

Once you have your account set up, select the System tab and click "Shipping". Click the "Edit" link in the "Action" column of the "UPS" row and fill in your access key, username, password, and shipping preferences. Make sure to Enable the payment method, and click save.

We suggest you log in to your storefront as a customer and do a mock checkout to make sure everything is working correctly once you have saved your settings.

How to Set Up Payment with 2Checkout

Setting up your MiiDuu store to accept payments through your 2Checkout account is easy. Under the System tab, select Payments. To the right of where it says 2Checkout, click Edit. Then you just need to fill out your account information and preferences. Make sure to switch the payment method to "Enabled" if you would like to make this option available for your customers.

If you do not already have a 2Checkout account, or you account hasn't been activated yet, the nice people over at 2Checkout have provided the following information to make the process as easy as possible:

Step 1) Sign up for an account and pay the $49 sign up fee
Step 2) From there you will receive a welcome email containing the required SIF, or Supplier Identification Form to be printed off, filled out, and either emailed back to or faxed in with the Vendor ID # received from the account sign up. Once received, you will need to allow at least 48-72 hrs for review of the website and/or services offered on the website listed in the account. If accepted by 2Checkout's Risk Department, then you will be notified via email and the account status can be set to live to begin receiving sales.
Step 3) You need to place the website disclaimer necessary to determine who is providing the securely hosted checkout page,, and there needs to be a working refund policy, along with a privacy policy visible on your site.

Here are some quick links to answer any other questions you might have on the 2Checkout end:

User Management
Site Management
Options for receiving payment via
Creating your Payment Profile and Banking information Sample Fraud Review
The Verification Process at
Direct Return
What Type of Compliance Disclaimer Must I put on my Website?

5 Ways to Promote Your MiiDuu Store Online

Once you have your store set up and ready to sell, you're going to need customers! Here are 5 great ways to get started!

1. Social Media (Don't forget to set up your store in Facebook!)

Social media is a great way to expand your customer base! Hundreds of millions of people access a relatively small group of social media sites every day. Obviously, the more you are active with the more exposure you will get, however, you can get a lot of exposure from just a couple!

The most popular social media, by far, is Facebook. With over 250,000,000 unique users on any given day it is a great place to get started in social media. First, you'll need to set up a Facebook page; this is a great tutorial for those new to Facebook pages. Next we suggest you add your MiiDuu store to it! It's easy and just takes a few clicks. To learn more about the MiiDuu shop builder check out their Facebook page.

The next biggest social media giant is Twitter. Twitter is a great way to interact with your followers in real time! Remember this is SOCIAL media! Make sure to communicate with your followers in a genuine way, not just a bunch of Tweets advertising your store. Of course, a few of these are ok too, just don't forget to make your Tweets interesting!

Some other social media sites worth a mention are StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Digg, Reddit, and Delicious.

2. Maintain a Blog

One of the most important things you can do for your site is maintain a blog! Blogs are great for SEO because they are full of fresh and interesting content and keywords. They're also great for keeping your customers engaged with your store and attracting new customers! Blogs are much more likely to get linked to or get traffic from social media sites like StumbleUpon or Digg than your actual store. As with your social media accounts, you'll want to focus mostly on creating interesting content that people want to read. You can also blog about any and all news related to your store or new products you've added.

Not a writer? Don't worry, if your content is good and solid your flare doesn't matter that much (especially when it comes to SEO)! You might also consider getting creative and starting an audio or video podcast! Videos rank high in search results, and go viral (get tons of hits from people all over the internet) all the time, so this could be a great way to get your store out there! A great site for podcast hosting is Podbean, which also allows you to easily list your podcasts in iTunes and integrates with YouTube, as well as lets you maintain a text blog.

3. Submit Articles to Article Directories

Another great resource for promoting your site is submitting relevant articles to article directories. Many of these directories will also link back to your site, which will help boost your SEO. Your article will be categorized according to topic, so your readers are much more likely to be in your target audience. Any article mentioning your site will help, but those that allow you to embed links into the article (especially dofollow links), will be much more likely to drive traffic to your site. It will also help you when looking at your site's analytics. Before submitting any articles make sure to read the fine print regarding rules for publishing. You don't want to have your article rejected because you forgot to read the rules! Also, remember you are writing articles, not direct advertisements for your store. Make them as interesting as possible to attract the most readers! Here's a good post about the benefits of article writing, as well as a list of dofollow article directories sorted by page rank!

4. Post on Forums or in the Comment Section of Blogs, Articles, Etc.

Forums and comment sections are another great way to find people in your target demographic. They can also be a lot more fun and engaging for you! While some forums allow you to directly advertise for your site, most discourage that. So just find a relevant forum or article where you can casually and naturally mention your store. After a certain number of posts, a lot of forums will allow you to put a link in your signature. Make sure to take advantage of this! Not only does it help gain exposure for your store from other members, but it also builds links! A lot of forums also show up high in search results and can drive traffic to your site that ways well. Again, like with submitting articles, you'll want to make sure you read all of the rules so that you don't spend time posting just to get banned from the site! There are TONS of forums out there. You can search for them with a search like "[relevant topic] forums" or sift through this list of 600 dofollow forums sorted by page rank!

5. Paid Advertising

Of course, there is always good old fashioned advertising. There are many options for this on the internet, and a many of them are quite cheap. There are pay-per-click options such as Google's AdWords or Facebook ads (which can take people to your site or Facebook page). You can also find relevant sites to your product niche and request to put up banner ads on their page. You can also pay some more popular bloggers to write about your site. Whichever way you go, paid advertising is a good way to get more targeted traffic to your site.

How to Get More Fans for Your Facebook Store

This article has some great advice about how to gain Facebook fans for your page. The more fans you can get, the more successful your store will be, so this is very important! Some of Rob's tips include creating an incentive to join, interacting with your fans, and keeping your page updated with interesting content. He's got 13 different tips and they're all quite good, so make sure to check out the full article! If you haven't already, make sure to connect your MiiDuu store to Facebook!

How do I add multiple images for a product?

MiiDuu lets you add multiple images for each product, which allows you to show the customer an item from various views or in different variations. Adding extra images is easy. When you are adding or editing a product, simply click the "Image" tab and you will be able to upload as many images as you want!

How Do I Set Up Payment Through PayPal?

Setting up payment through PayPal is really easy! Just head over to and sign up for an account. Once your account is set up and verified, login to your MiiDuu admin page and navigate to the Payments page (System -> Payments). Select PayPal and click Edit. All you need to do is enter your e-mail! There are more customization options, however, such as setting "Transaction Method" to "Sale" and "Order Status" to "Processing", but these are entirely up to you.

Make sure you select "Enabled" before clicking Save so that your customers can select this as an option!

How Do I Set Up Geo Zones?

Setting up geo zones is easy! Just navigate to the geo zones page (System -> Localization -> Geo Zones) and click "Add" in the top right corner. Create a name and description for the zone you are setting up, such as Geo Zone Name: Domestic Description: Orders shipping within the United States. Then click the Add Geo Zone button and select the country and region you wish to add to this Geo Zone (in our Domestic example, I would select "United States" and "All Zones").

When setting up your shipping and/or payment options, you can then customize them with your geo zones. For example, if you only want to offer flat rate shipping domestically, or you only take in state checks, just select the appropriate geo zone when configuring your options for these methods.