How to Set Up Shipping and Shipping Costs

To set up shipping for your store, navigate to System -> Shipping. From there you will be able to view all of the shipping options. Select the shipping option best for your store, and click the Edit link in the far right column. You can customize these options by Geo Zones by either enabling different shipping methods for different Geo Zones, or different prices for Geo Zones for the same shipping method. Once you have created your Geo Zones, they will show up as tabs to the left of the page. You can customize your shipping costs by clicking on these tabs.

How to Set up Geo Zones

To set up Geo Zones, navigate to System -> Localisation -> Geo Zones. Click on the Add button in the top right corner. There you will be asked to fill in the name and description of the Geo Zone. For example you might have a Geo Zone named "The West Coast" and the description could be "US States on the West Coast", or whatever will help you remember. Then click "Add Geo Zone" and select the appropriate country. If you are creating a Geo Zone for the country as a whole, you are done, just click Save. If you would like to chose a particular state or region, click the next drop down box and select the state or region you would like to include. You can continue to add regions in this way until your Geo Zone is complete. Then click Save. You can create as many Geo Zones as you would like!

How to Edit Your Store’s Navigation Bars

To edit your navigation bars, go to Design -> Navigation. You will see that the page is divided into links in the top navigation bar, and links in the bottom navigation bar. To add a link, just click the appropriate add button, fill out the name, and select what you want to link to. To delete a link, hover your mouse over the link and then click the "Delete" button that appears. You can also drag and drop the links to rearrange the order within the navigation bar. Note that if you want to move a link from the top navigation bar to the bottom one, you will need to delete it from the top and then add it to the bottom. The same goes for moving from bottom to top.

How to Add a Page to Your MiiDuu Store

From your Dashboard, navigate to Design -> Pages. In the top right corner, click the Add button. From there you can fill out the title of the page and enter any content you'd like. Once you have saved the page, you will need to add it to a Navigation bar so that customers can find it. To do this, navigate to Design -> Navigation. Chose if you would like your page to appear in the top or bottom navigation bar, then click the appropriate Add button. You will then enter the name of the page as you'd like it to appear in the navigation bar. Then from the "Link to" dropdown menu select "Page". At this point, a second dropdown menu will appear. Select your new page and click add.

How Do I Change My Password?

To change the password for yourself or one of your store's other administrators, go to to System -> Users. You will then see a list of all of the users for your store. Select the one you would like to change the password for and click "Edit". If you have not already done so, you will need to enter the user's first and last name. After that, just enter in the new password you would like to use and confirm it in the box below. Click save and you're done!

How Do I Close My Store?

Closing your store is simple. Simply click the "Account" tab in the top right corner, and then click the "Please Cancel My Account" link in the "Close Store" box. If you have a free store, this is all you have to do. If you have a paid store, you will then need to go into PayPal and cancel your subscription. Please note: for security reasons, we do not cancel accounts via e-mail.


How Do I Set PayPal as My Payment Method?

To set your store up to accept PayPal payments, click the "System" tab, and then select "Payments". On the payment screen, select the "Edit" link for PayPal. Enter your PayPal account's e-mail and then make sure to change the status from Disabled to Enabled. You can also change the default order status for PayPal purchases, or switch your account into or out of test mode. paypal1.jpg paypal2.jpg

How Do I Batch Upload Products?

To upload multiple products at once, navigate to Catalog -> Products and click "Import Products". On this page you will upload a CSV file with all of your product information in it. You can also find a sample CSV file on this page. Note that you will need to include the entire file path for any images you upload, for example: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures. You can upload up to 5 images per product through a CSV file. Any additional images, and any attributes and variations will need to be done manually.

How Do I Set Up Tax Rates for My Store?

Before starting, make sure you have set up your GeoZones. Once that is done, you're ready to set up your tax rates!

First, navigate to System -> Localisation -> Tax Classes. Next you'll click the "Add" button. Then enter the "Tax Class Title" and "Description" for this tax rate. This is just for you, so name this tax class something you will easily recognize. Next click "Add Tax Rate" Select the GeoZone you'd like to apply this tax rate to. "Priority" come to play its role when the shipping address applies to two or more than two of your tax rates. For example, you have set up two tax rates, one for the United States, the other for New York City. If a customer comes from New York City, then priority of the tax rate will decide how much tax he has to pay. Then just fill out the form and click save. You can enter as many different tax rates as you'd like.

Once you have set up your tax rates, make sure to go back to your products and apply the tax rate to each one. Because products can all have different tax rates, this will need to be done individually. If you forget to apply the tax rate to the product, it will be sold tax free.

How Do I Set Up Coupons?

From your dashboard, navigate to Marketing -> Coupons, then click the "Add" button. You will then fill out the name, description of the coupon, and the coupon code you would to like to use. For example, if the coupon is for your Twitter followers, the coupon code could be "twitter". This is the code you will give to customers and what they will enter to get the coupon discount. You can fill out the rest of the form to configure the coupon to your liking. You can choose if it is a percentage or fixed amount discount (for example, $10 or 10% off), if a total amount needs to be purchased before the coupon will work (for example, $10 off a purchase of $50 or more), which products the coupon applies for, the dates the coupon is valid, and how many times the coupon can be used (both by individual customers and total uses by all customers). Then just click save and send the coupon code to the desired customers!