How to edit theme template and css

Dear user,

We highly recommend you to use our intelligent tools (design->layout, design->theme settings) to customize your storefront, however, you can always change your theme file directly from here.

To do so, you should have some kind of knowledge about html and css. And remember, if your storefront is malformatted after modification, you can always rollback by click Revert buttton on top-right.

Each theme includes lots of files, but you don't need to go through all of them. Here lists the major files.


How to embed youtube video

It's quite easy to embed your youtube video into product description, or even into your store sidebar. Click here for detailed instructions.

What is the optimum size for product image?

Generally speaking, in order to make product image look clear, you have to upload images no small than 300*300 px.

However, sometimes, optimum size for product image depends on the theme you are using. Once you have activated a theme, please go to system->settings->image and hover your mouse on the question mark after "Use theme default image" and Product Image Thumb Size will display then. That is the optimum size for the theme you are using. Size of the image you upload should be no smaller than that size (if bigger, remember to keep same length:width ratio).  Also, you may choose not to use default image size of the theme and change it below.

Customer Upload Files for Product Customization How To

When your customer place the order, do you want them to upload files (pictures, photos, doc, etc) for customization. It's quite easy to reach this goal in Miiduu, here are the steps:

Step 1) To activate this feature, please go to system->settings->option→Allow Customer to Upload Files, then choose yes.


Step 2) Once you choose yes, the popup window will allow you to do some init settings.


Step 3) When create products, click tab: Customer Upload and select yes.


Step 4) Once your customers choose the product that needs customization, they can now upload the file in order confirmation page.


Step 5) Last, go to sales->orders->order details to check and download the uploaded file.



1. Use zip format If you want your customer to upload multiple files.

2. The customer uploaded files are located under buyer_upload folder in your image folder, and the filename equals this order id.