How to verify your site on Google Webmaster

Step 1) Login to Google Webmaster with your Google account.

Step 2) Click "add a site to get start" to fill in your own domain.

Step 3) Go to "alternate methods" , choose "add a meta tag to your site's home page" and Google will give you a meta name and content.

Step 4) Now it's time to add meta tag to your miiduu store. There are two ways to reach this goal:

Step 4a) Visit Miiduu App Store to install the app "custom meta tag".

Then configure this app through miiduu admin menu: App Store → Installed App. Fill in the meta name and content you got from Google. See screenshot below.

Step 4b) Alternatively, go to menu: Design → Template & CSS Edit to add meta tag into your template file (<template_name>/common/header.tpl)

Step 5) Finally, go back to your Google Webmaster account and click "verify" to finish the process!



How to insert orders manually

You may go to Sales-> Orders and click on Add button on the top right corner to insert orders. You will have to fill in basic information of the customer, shipping information, payment information and add products according to SKU.

Please note:

1. When the order is added successfully, it will not add new customers to your store. The system acquiesces the customer uses guest checkout. If you need to add new customers, please go to Sales-> Customers to add new customer and link the customer to his order.

2. Shipping cost and tax are not included in total value of the order. When order is generated, you may edit the order to complete information such as tax and shipping cost.

How to edit theme template for Facebook Store

Go to menu: Facebook Shop->Template Edit to edit your Facebook Store. You may have some kind of knowledge about html and css to do so.

Each theme includes lots of files, but you don't need to go through all of them. Here lists the major files.

[Theme Name]:

―――index.tpl                        Main part of homepage

―――category.tpl                  Main part of Category Page

―――product.tpl                    Main part of Product Page

―――column_left.tpl             The left column of each page

―――[stylesheet]                   The css of store

How to control the speed of the banner image switching

Some themes support multiple banners, to control the switching period, Go to menu: design->template & css edit, [your theme name]/template/common/home.tpl, find the line "speed: [number]" and adjust this number.

Please note: The browser cache may keep the current speed, so you should clear the browser cache, close and re-open the browser to see the result.

How to share my products to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

First, make sure the option:Allow Product Sharing is set to Yes under menu: system->settings->option. Then the sharing button will be shown on your product page, to allow anyone (including you) to share it to Facebook, Twitter, and even the hottest Pinterest.


Besides, to share other pages (ex: category page) to social, go to menu: design->layout, select the page you want, and put widget: share to sidebar.