How to set up live chat?

Do you want to set up live chat to communicate with your customers more expediently?  Paid users can easily achieve it. Two methods following:

1)Go to menu: Design->Layout->Live chat widget->Copy & paste your MSN Codeand(or) Google Talk code into the textbox.

2)Go to menu: Design->Template & CSS Edit->([theme_name]/template/common/footer.tpl).

Here are some demo sites:


How to make your store more SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization Offering

1.100% Search Engine Friendly,Miiduu use your product name, category name as your page title.

2.URL Rewrites give full control of URL's.

2.1 Go to menu Catalog->Products->SEO->SEO URL

2.2 Under menu Catalog->Categories->Advanced->SEO URL

2.3 Go to menu Design->Pages->Page URL.

3. Auto-generated Site Map for display at the button on site

4.Meta-information for products and categories.

4.1Go to menu Catalog->Products->SEO->Meta Tag.

4.2Under menu Catalog->Categories->Advanced->Meta Tag.

4.3Under menu System->Setting->Option->Meta Tag.