How do I create a category?

Categories allow you to organize your store so that it's easier for customers to find what they are looking for. For example, if you are selling clothes your main categories might be Men's, Women's, and Children's. From there you can also create sub categories, such as Dresses, Shirts, and Slacks. To get started, select the “Catalog” tab, and then click on “Categories”. Then simply click on the “Add” button, fill out the form, and save your new category!

how to add a category

Depending on which theme you're using, your categories will look something like this in your store front:

How categories will appear in your store front

How do I modify a category?

If you want to change a category, simply go back to the category tab and click the “Edit” link in the Action column for the category you would like to edit.

how to edit a category

How do I add a sub-category?

Sub-categories really help organize your site so your customers can easily find exactly what they're looking for. They are an easy way to greatly improve the customer experience of your store. Setting up sub-categories is a snap! Just create a new category and select a parent category. This will create a sub-category for you, such as T-Shirts -> Men's.

how to create a sub-category