Does MiiDuu organize my customer list for me?

Yes! MiiDuu maintains a database of all of your customers for you and allows you to modify it as needed. When a customer creates an account with your store for checkout, he or she will automatically be added to your list of customers. You can access this list by selecting the "Sales" tab and clicking on "Customers". From there you can search/sort your customer database and view contact details for each of your customers. To use the search or sort functions, simply fill in one or more of the boxes at the top of the table and click "Filter".

how search or sort customers

How to Export Your Customer Information

Exporting your customer information is easy! From your MiiDuu Dashboard just navigate to Sales -> Customers and then click on the "Export" button in the top right hand corner. Your customer information will automatically be saved in an Excel document!

How do I display customer feedback?

After a customer makes a purchase from your store, they are sent a customer feedback form asking them to rate your store. MiiDuu compiles this for you, and you can view it by navigating to Sales -> Ratings & Feedback.

Additionally, our Advanced and above users can now display this feedback on their store front to give customers confidence in their purchases! Just go to Design -> Layout and add the Rating & Feedback widget to your sidebar block! You will be given a sales level (Power Seller, Gold Seller, or Diamond Seller) depending upon the quality and quantity of your feedback. If customers click on the widget, they will be able to look through all of your reviews. This feature will add an extra boost of confidence in your store and help drive up sales!