How to insert orders manually

You may go to Sales-> Orders and click on Add button on the top right corner to insert orders. You will have to fill in basic information of the customer, shipping information, payment information and add products according to SKU.

Please note:

1. When the order is added successfully, it will not add new customers to your store. The system acquiesces the customer uses guest checkout. If you need to add new customers, please go to Sales-> Customers to add new customer and link the customer to his order.

2. Shipping cost and tax are not included in total value of the order. When order is generated, you may edit the order to complete information such as tax and shipping cost.

How to edit invoice

Please go to design->template & css edit and select the file entitled default/template/block/order_invoice.tpl in the left column and edit template of invoice.

How to retrieve missing orders

Sometimes the new orders are not reflected in the order list though the payments are finished. It mostly happens that we can't receive the notification from Payment service (eg: Palpal)due to the network problems. In this case, you can search and retrieve the missing orders. Just go to Sales->Orders, choose the 'Missing orders' under the 'Status' and then click the 'Filter' button. After your searching, you can get and change  it's status to what ever you want.