How do I change the layout of my store?

From you administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Layout". From there, you can chose the page you want to edit. After that, it's as simple as and clicking and dragging the features you want displayed in your Sidebar or Body!

Can I add more boxes to my sidebar or body?

Yes you can! From your administration page navigate to the layout tab for the page you would like to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see "Number of Blocks in the Sidebar:" followed by a box in which you can type the number of the amount of boxes you want. You can do the same thing after "Number of Blocks in the Body". Then just drag and drop the desired number of boxes into your sidebar or body!

how to add sidebar boxes

How do I set up product attributes?

Attributes show up on your product page, above your product description, and are displayed as "Attribute: Value" (for example, Material: Cotton). You can have as many values as you want for each attribute.

To set up an attribute set navigate to the "Catalog" tab, and then click "Attributes". Click on the "Add" button and name your attribute set. Once it’s named, click next and you can add different attributes to the set. To do this, just click on the "Add New Attribute" button and fill out the form. If you would like more than one value for each attribute, just click the "Add a Value" button until you have the required number of values.
Repeat until you are satisfied with your attribute set. Once your attributes are set up, go to "Categories" and add your attribute sets to the categories you would like to associate them with.

creating an attribute set

creating an attribute set creating an attribute set creating an attribute set

After you set up the attributes, they will display on the main page for your product once you select the category you want the product in. From here you can customize which attributes are applicable to this particular product. creating an attribute set creating an attribute set




How do I add product variations ?

Variations, things such as size and color, are easy to add and use with MiiDuu! From your administration page select the "Catalog" tab, and click on "Variations". To set up variations, just follow these simple steps:

1. From your administration page select the "Catalog" tab, and click on "Variations".

2. To create a variation set, click on the "Add" button.

3. Name your variation set.

4. Click "Next, Add Variation".

5. Fill out the form with the variation name and the variation values. You can continue to add variations until you are satisfied with the variation set. Also you can select display mode here. Click on done when everything is OK.

Currently three kinds of special characters are compatible in variation values, namely hyphen, full stop and space. For example, you may put USB- driven, 5.5 or dark blue in variation values.

6. Once you are happy with your variation set, click on the Save button.

7. Click the set category link to apply your variation set to a category or create a new category.

8. Navigate to Catalog -> Products.

9. Select a product within the category you have chosen and click edit. You will now see a section for variations. For new products, your variation options will appear as soon as you select a category.

10. Check the appropriate boxes for the variations available for the product. Click save.

NOTE:The relation between category and variations is that a category can only be linked to one variation set. However, you may add multiple variations in one variation set.

Each variation set needs to be linked to a category in order to use it. Since each category gets one variation set, make sure you enter all of the variations available for all of the products within that category. For example, if you have a category name Handbags with two handbags in it, and one uses a variation so the customer can pick the color, and the other uses a variation where the color picks the material, both the "Color" and "Material" variations need to be in your variation set for Handbags.

how to add a variation

how to add a variation value

When you are finished, your variations will appear like this in your store front:

What variations look like in your store front

How do I add a sub-category?

Sub-categories really help organize your site so your customers can easily find exactly what they're looking for. They are an easy way to greatly improve the customer experience of your store. Setting up sub-categories is a snap! Just create a new category and select a parent category. This will create a sub-category for you, such as T-Shirts -> Men's.

how to create a sub-category

How do I change the e-mail address on my account?

You can change the contact e-mail address for your store by selecting the "System" tab and clicking on "Settings". The e-mail address you use to login, however, cannot be changed. If it is imperitive that your login e-mail be changed, you will have to sign up for a new account using the new e-mail address.

how to change your contact e-mail address

How do I update my company profile, terms and conditions, and privacy policy?

All you have to do to update your company profile, terms and conditions, and privacy policy is select the "Design" tab and then click on "Pages". From there, select the page you would like to update and click on the "Edit" button. If you do not want to link to one or more of these sites, click "Edit" and select "Disable" from the drop down box for each site you wish to exclude.

How do I add a manufacturer?

Yes, from the "Catalog" tab you can select "Manufacturers". Then just click on "Add" and fill in the name of the manufacturer you would like to add. Repeat until you have created all of the manufactures you would to list. Then, when you are creating or editing a product, simply click on the "Advanced" tab and select the manufacturer from the drop down box. Customers will then be able to see who manufactured the product, as well as click on the name of the manufacturer and see any of their other products that you sell!

How do I use the Related Products function?

MiiDuu makes it easy to show your customers which products are related. When you are creating or editing a product, simply click the "Related" tab. Then select the category from the drop down menu of the product which you would like to note as related. All of the products in that category will appear in the box below. To link two products together, simply select the product and click the arrow that points to the other box. If you make a mistake, just select it again and click the arrow going the other way! You can repeat this process until all of the related products are listed in the "Related" box.

how to use the related products function

After you save your list of related products, just go to your layout tab and move the "Related" button into the sidebar(s) you would like it to show up in!

how to make your related products visible to your customers

When you're done, your related products will look something like this:

How related products appear in your store front.


How do I remove a product from my store without losing my product information?

To keep a product from being shown on the website, simply select "Disable" from the drop down box labeled "Status" when adding or editing a project. Your product information will be saved, and whenever you're ready to put the product back in your store, just change the status back to "Enabled". It's that easy!