How do I change the banners on the main page of my store?

From your administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Banner Images". To change an image, simply click on the image to open the image manager. Click on "Upload" and select an image. You can upload as many images as you want. When you have finished uploading your photos, then simply double click on the photo you want to use as your banner. Once you have uploaded an image into the image manager, it will stay there and can be used for any future changes.

image manager

How do I change my store logo?

From your administration page select the "Systems" tab, and then click on "Settings". Click on Logos tab and you will see where to change your store logo. You can do so by double clicking the placeholder image and uploading one to/selecting one from your image manager. If you do not have a store logo, a simple text logo will be created for you based on your store name.


How do I change the theme of my store?

Changing the theme of your store is simple! From your administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Themes". There you will find the theme options for your store. You can click on "Preview" to see a full size example of the theme, or "Activate" to select it for your store. Note: If you change the theme of your store, you will also need to make sure you go back and change the banners back to the ones you want!

How do I change the content of my sidebar and body?

From your administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click "Layout". Then select the page you would like edit. The two boxes on the top show the order in which the selected items will appear. To change which items will appear or their order, simply drag and drop them where you want them. To drag and drop an item, click the mouse down on the box you would like to move and do not let up. Move the selected box to where you want it, and then release the mouse.

How do I change the layout of my store?

From you administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Layout". From there, you can chose the page you want to edit. After that, it's as simple as and clicking and dragging the features you want displayed in your Sidebar or Body!

Can I add more boxes to my sidebar or body?

Yes you can! From your administration page navigate to the layout tab for the page you would like to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see "Number of Blocks in the Sidebar:" followed by a box in which you can type the number of the amount of boxes you want. You can do the same thing after "Number of Blocks in the Body". Then just drag and drop the desired number of boxes into your sidebar or body!

how to add sidebar boxes

How do I use the Related Products function?

MiiDuu makes it easy to show your customers which products are related. When you are creating or editing a product, simply click the "Related" tab. Then select the category from the drop down menu of the product which you would like to note as related. All of the products in that category will appear in the box below. To link two products together, simply select the product and click the arrow that points to the other box. If you make a mistake, just select it again and click the arrow going the other way! You can repeat this process until all of the related products are listed in the "Related" box.

how to use the related products function

After you save your list of related products, just go to your layout tab and move the "Related" button into the sidebar(s) you would like it to show up in!

how to make your related products visible to your customers

When you're done, your related products will look something like this:

How related products appear in your store front.


How do I add multiple images for a product?

MiiDuu lets you add multiple images for each product, which allows you to show the customer an item from various views or in different variations. Adding extra images is easy. When you are adding or editing a product, simply click the "Image" tab and you will be able to upload as many images as you want!

How to Change the Appearance of Your Facebook Shop

There are a number of ways you can customize the look of your Facebook shop. First, from your Dashboard, navigate to Facebook Shop -> Customization. Then just decide what you want to change!

Changing your logo for your Facebook shop is easy. Simply double click the grey camera image, upload the logo you want to use, and then double click on it when it appears in the Image Manager. If you have previously uploaded your logo to your Image Manager, all you have to do is double click it.

You can also easily change the theme of your Facebook shop. Select the theme you would like to use from the drop down menu labeled "Facebook Template". A preview of the theme will appear below, so you can be sure that's the one you want to go with before applying it to your store.

MiiDuu also lets you customize a banner for your store with either text or images. In the space below where you can customize your theme, you can type in whatever text you would like displayed, or insert a banner image. To insert an image, click on the button that has the picture of the house and then where it asks for the URL, click browse. This will take you to your image manager where you can either select a photo you have already uploaded or upload a new one.

How to Change the Content of the Body and Sidebar for Your Facebook Shop

Customizing the body and sidebar of your Facebook shop is easy! From your MiiDuu Dashboard go to Facebook Shop -> Customization and scroll down to where it says Layout. From there just check what you want displayed in your Sidebar and Body, and then assign each one a number 1-3 to determine which order they are displayed in. That's it! Don't forget to click "Save" before leaving the page!