How to Customize Your Navigation Bar in Facebook

Want more options on your Facebook shop's navigation bar? Adding them is easy. From your MiiDuu dashboard navigate to Facebook Shop -> Customization. When you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a section labeled "Top Navigation Bar". Simply type in the text you would like to display in the space provided, select the page you would like it to direct your customers to, and click add! You can add as many as you want (space allowing). Don't forget to click "Save" before leaving the page!

How to Edit Your Store’s Navigation Bars

To edit your navigation bars, go to Design -> Navigation. You will see that the page is divided into links in the top navigation bar, and links in the bottom navigation bar. To add a link, just click the appropriate add button, fill out the name, and select what you want to link to. To delete a link, hover your mouse over the link and then click the "Delete" button that appears. You can also drag and drop the links to rearrange the order within the navigation bar. Note that if you want to move a link from the top navigation bar to the bottom one, you will need to delete it from the top and then add it to the bottom. The same goes for moving from bottom to top.

How to edit theme template and css

Dear user,

We highly recommend you to use our intelligent tools (design->layout, design->theme settings) to customize your storefront, however, you can always change your theme file directly from here.

To do so, you should have some kind of knowledge about html and css. And remember, if your storefront is malformatted after modification, you can always rollback by click Revert buttton on top-right.

Each theme includes lots of files, but you don't need to go through all of them. Here lists the major files.


How to edit theme template for Facebook Store

Go to menu: Facebook Shop->Template Edit to edit your Facebook Store. You may have some kind of knowledge about html and css to do so.

Each theme includes lots of files, but you don't need to go through all of them. Here lists the major files.

[Theme Name]:

―――index.tpl                        Main part of homepage

―――category.tpl                  Main part of Category Page

―――product.tpl                    Main part of Product Page

―――column_left.tpl             The left column of each page

―――[stylesheet]                   The css of store

How to control the speed of the banner image switching

Some themes support multiple banners, to control the switching period, Go to menu: design->template & css edit, [your theme name]/template/common/home.tpl, find the line "speed: [number]" and adjust this number.

Please note: The browser cache may keep the current speed, so you should clear the browser cache, close and re-open the browser to see the result.