How Do I Set Up Wholesale Discounts in My MiiDuu Store?

Setting up wholesale discounts is easy with any paid MiiDuu account! All you have to do is click on the blue Wholesale tab when adding or editing a product. Then just fill out the minimum quantity per order and the percentage of the price to be paid. If you give greater discounts for greater quantities, just click the "Add Wholesale Discount" and fill out the form again. For example, if you give a 5% discount on orders of 20 or more and 10% on orders of 50 or more, you would put 20 in the "Min Quantity" box and 95 in the percentage box. Then you would click "Add Wholesale Discount" and enter 50 in the new "Min Quantity" box and 90 in the percentage box. You can add as many wholesale discounts as you would like for each product, and the price is automatically adjusted when a customer adds the minimum quantity for a price point to their cart. If you are only offering specific wholesale discounts for a limited time, you can also select a date range for each discount.

wholesale form

How Do I Send Out a Newsletter?

Creating a newsletter is a great way to connect with your customers and remind them about your store so that they keep coming back. It's also a great way to let people know about any promotions you might have going on. MiiDuu paid accounts make sending newsletters easy! When your customers register an account with your store, MiiDuu automatically saves their e-mail address. When you select the "Marketing" tab and click on "Newsletter" you will first be asked who you would like to send the newletter to. You can select "All Customers", "All Newsletter Subscribers" or leave it blank. If you leave it blank, you can then create your own list by either searching for customers and adding them individually, or sending the newsletter only to customers who have purchased certain products in the past. If you would like to select your own customers, just search for their names and then select the ones you would like to add to the list and click the arrow to move them into the right hand box. If sending to customers who have purchased a certain product, select the category the product is in and then move the product into the right box.

Once you've created your customer list, all you have to do is think of a subject like for your newsletter (for example: Weekly Newsletter October 3rd-9th or All T-Shirts on Sale Now at T-Shirts and More!) and then write your message. You can style the message however you want using the tools provided above the text box, or you can click on "Source" and insert an HTML document to send out. Then just scroll back to the top of the page and click send! Your e-mail is automatically sent out to your previously e-mail list!

newsletter screenshot

Can My Store Be Multi-Lingual?

Yes! Just follow these steps and your store will be multi-lingual in no time!

Step 1) From your Dashboard click on the Account link in the top right hand corner.
Step 2) On your account page, click the "Create a new store" button in the top right hand corner.
Step 3) Create a new store in the second language you would like your store to be in. To change the language of a store, simply go to System -> Settings -> Local and select the language you would like to use. This will be a totally new store, so you can customize which products you'd like to sell, product descriptions, the default currency, etc.
Step 4) Next to where you can select the language (Stystem -> Settings -> Local) you will see a "Use Multi-Lingual" link. Click on that, and then click the "Use Multi-Lingual" button at the bottom of the window that pops up. Make sure to save these settings!
Step 5) There will now be a language option on your store front next to the currency option. When your customer chooses the language they'd like to use, they will be taken to the corresponding site.

Note: This feature is only available to Professional stores and above. If you are currently using a Basic or Advanced account, you will need to upgrade to access this feature. Here's a full list of the benefits of upgrading.



How Do I Set Up Coupons?

From your dashboard, navigate to Marketing -> Coupons, then click the "Add" button. You will then fill out the name, description of the coupon, and the coupon code you would to like to use. For example, if the coupon is for your Twitter followers, the coupon code could be "twitter". This is the code you will give to customers and what they will enter to get the coupon discount. You can fill out the rest of the form to configure the coupon to your liking. You can choose if it is a percentage or fixed amount discount (for example, $10 or 10% off), if a total amount needs to be purchased before the coupon will work (for example, $10 off a purchase of $50 or more), which products the coupon applies for, the dates the coupon is valid, and how many times the coupon can be used (both by individual customers and total uses by all customers). Then just click save and send the coupon code to the desired customers!

How do I display customer feedback?

After a customer makes a purchase from your store, they are sent a customer feedback form asking them to rate your store. MiiDuu compiles this for you, and you can view it by navigating to Sales -> Ratings & Feedback.

Additionally, our Advanced and above users can now display this feedback on their store front to give customers confidence in their purchases! Just go to Design -> Layout and add the Rating & Feedback widget to your sidebar block! You will be given a sales level (Power Seller, Gold Seller, or Diamond Seller) depending upon the quality and quantity of your feedback. If customers click on the widget, they will be able to look through all of your reviews. This feature will add an extra boost of confidence in your store and help drive up sales!



Gift Card How To

Gift Card is a great way to promote your store as a site for gifts and can help increase traffic as customers have more options when buying from your store.  This feature is only available to professional and up level store.

To send out Gift Cards follow these easy-to-do steps:

From your dashboard, navigate to Marketing -> Gift Card


then click the "Add" button. You will then fill out the code you want to assing for the gift card, the name of your store, your e-mail, the recpient's name, the recpient's e-mail, any message you would like to send to them, and the amount of the gift card.


Besides sending gift card yourself, you may want customers to buy gift card from your store,  just follow these steps:

Navigate to Design -> Navigation, under the Top or Footer Navigation Bar headline click the "Add" button. Under name of link write gift card or whatever name you choose, and then from the "Link To" option select, "System" and then "Gift Card" and click "Add".

Customers should now be able to purchase Gift Cards directly from your store.



Once order status of the gift card has been changed into finished, a gift card will be generated automatically. At the same time, the recpient will receive an email containing gift card voucher. Then the recpient will be able to use this gift card at your store during checkout process.

How to Embed Code in Your Miiduu Store?

Do you want to put facebook like button in your Miiduu store? Do you want to put video in your product description? Glad to tell you that all paid users can embed code in sidebar and product description! Please note: It's only for paid stores.

Embed code in your sidebar (Let's take facebook like button for example.)

From you administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Layout". From there, you can chose the page you want to edit.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see "Number of Text Blocks in the Sidebar:" followed by a box in which you can type the number of the amount of boxes you want. You can do the same thing after "Number of Text Blocks in the Body". Enter the number of custom items you would like and click Save.

They will now appear with the rest of your preset sidebar items, called "Text Block 1", "Text Box 2", etc. Drag them to your sidebar or body just as you would with the preset items.

Then go to to get the code for facebook like button and copy them. Go back to your text block and click the little down arrow , paste the code you get in the text box  and click on the "Save" button. Facebook like button will appear in your store front now.

Embed code via Template & CSS Edit

From you administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on “Template & CSS Edit”. From there, you can embed code at anywhere you would like. Footer, header, body and sidebar.

Embed code in your product description

From your administration select the "Catalog" tab and then click on "Products". Then click "Edit" on the right side of the product you want to edit. Paste the code you get in the description part and click on the "Save" button.

Embed video clips from youtube to your production: Go to YouTube and click on the share button of the video you want to embed and then click on embed. Copy the code you get to description part of your product page (Please note that editing status of description should be in source mode. )


How to embed youtube video

It's quite easy to embed your youtube video into product description, or even into your store sidebar. Click here for detailed instructions.

Customer Upload Files for Product Customization How To

When your customer place the order, do you want them to upload files (pictures, photos, doc, etc) for customization. It's quite easy to reach this goal in Miiduu, here are the steps:

Step 1) To activate this feature, please go to system->settings->option→Allow Customer to Upload Files, then choose yes.


Step 2) Once you choose yes, the popup window will allow you to do some init settings.


Step 3) When create products, click tab: Customer Upload and select yes.


Step 4) Once your customers choose the product that needs customization, they can now upload the file in order confirmation page.


Step 5) Last, go to sales->orders->order details to check and download the uploaded file.



1. Use zip format If you want your customer to upload multiple files.

2. The customer uploaded files are located under buyer_upload folder in your image folder, and the filename equals this order id.

How to set up live chat?

Do you want to set up live chat to communicate with your customers more expediently?  Paid users can easily achieve it. Two methods following:

1)Go to menu: Design->Layout->Live chat widget->Copy & paste your MSN Codeand(or) Google Talk code into the textbox.

2)Go to menu: Design->Template & CSS Edit->([theme_name]/template/common/footer.tpl).

Here are some demo sites: