Gift Card How To

Gift Card is a great way to promote your store as a site for gifts and can help increase traffic as customers have more options when buying from your store.  This feature is only available to professional and up level store.

To send out Gift Cards follow these easy-to-do steps:

From your dashboard, navigate to Marketing -> Gift Card


then click the "Add" button. You will then fill out the code you want to assing for the gift card, the name of your store, your e-mail, the recpient's name, the recpient's e-mail, any message you would like to send to them, and the amount of the gift card.


Besides sending gift card yourself, you may want customers to buy gift card from your store,  just follow these steps:

Navigate to Design -> Navigation, under the Top or Footer Navigation Bar headline click the "Add" button. Under name of link write gift card or whatever name you choose, and then from the "Link To" option select, "System" and then "Gift Card" and click "Add".

Customers should now be able to purchase Gift Cards directly from your store.



Once order status of the gift card has been changed into finished, a gift card will be generated automatically. At the same time, the recpient will receive an email containing gift card voucher. Then the recpient will be able to use this gift card at your store during checkout process.