How Do I Set Up Order Based Shipping

Order based shipping is calculated using Geo-Zones. You must set up at least one Geo Zone to use order based shipping.

To edit order based shipping, navigate to Settings -> Shipping and then click the "Edit" link next to Order Based Shipping.

To enter your shipping rates, you will use the format order total:cost using a comma as a separator. for example:


In this example (suppose the currency is USD), the order total less than $10 will be charged $1.  $10 to $30 will be charged $2,  $30 to $100 will be charged $5,  $100 to $2500 will be charged $12. Note that any orders over $2500 do not have a price entered, thus would not qualify for order based shipping. If you would like to use order based for all orders, be sure to include a very high upper order bracket.