Why still get security Warning message even the SSL certificate is installed?

Some SSL providers request the SSL must have an unique IP address. So the security warning  message still occurs in some browsers such as chrome. Under Firefox it will be fine. If you want to solve this IP issue, please contact us,we'll apply for a new unique IP address for you. It costs $5o,if you purchased SSL certificate from us, we'll take part this cost, otherwise, you need to pay for it by yourself.

We'll inform you the new IP address, and you only need to login your DNS accout and set it as follows:

1)Set the  'A Record', @=>New IP Address

If your own domain with 'www' (eg: www.abc.com), two  more steps

2)Point  'www'=>New IP Adress,

3) Remove 'CNAME'  setting if you ever set it.